Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ripley's Aquarium

I highly recommend going to Ripley's Aquarium if you're going to visit Gatlinberg, Tennessee. This was probably one of the best days we had with the kids.

They have a 340 foot-long guide path as you wind your way through a shark lagoon tunnel. Besides sharks you'll also encounter giant stingrays, snappers, saw fish, grunts and a green sea turtle.

They had a ton of hands-on things to do in the Discovery Center including touching horseshoe crabs and getting in the middle of a fish tank.

Another cool feature is the Penguin Playhouse. Kids can crawl through a tunnel under the penguin exhibit, and then pop up inside the tank to watch the penguins being fed. I have horrible pictures of the experience, and the place was terrible crowded so we didn't stay long, so be sure to visit off-season if you can.

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