Thursday, May 19, 2011

Why Vacation Rental Homes Rock

This was the view from the dock in front of our vacation rental home in San Diego. We LOVE renting homes when we go away, especially with kids. We stayed here for almost two weeks, and when you stay that long, it gives you a little sense of home while you're away.

This home was particularly nice because the owner let us take out a kayak and let us use his fishing poles. We were greeted with a bottle of wine when we walked in the the door, and we felt very much at home there.

He also had a pontoon boat that he let us take out for a spin around the lake.

I tried catching a fish but no luck!

The kids really loved playing with the owners' dogs when we went across the street to their home. On our last day there, the owner stopped by and took pictures of our family. Now, most of the time the owners will not be there, but we've had wonderful experiences using  Another good site to check for rentals is

What's been your experience with vacation rentals?

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