Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Grand Cayman - Boatswain's Beach

We finally made it to Boatswain's Beach the day after visiting Dophin's Cove. We had a really wonderful time here, too. In fact, I'm pretty sure the kids liked this trip better than even swimming with the dophins.

After buying our tickets, we bought the kids each a bag of turtle food and headed out to the large tanks to view the turtles. These very large sea turtles, probably about four feet long, swam one on top of the other, to be the first to catch the turtle pellets the kids threw at them. Alexa absolutely loved this. She really would have spent hours and hours just throwing turtle food into the tanks if we had not stopped her.

Jared, on the other hand, was much more facinated with the ignanas. He was fearless with creatures here on the island, and we were always running after him to make sure he wasn't bitten by a crab or iguana.

After feeding the turtles for awhile, we put on our swim suits and walked over to Boatswain's Lagoon.  The lagoon is stocked with thousands of fish and other marine life. It was perfect for place for me to snorkle because I am not a strong swimmer, so I didn't have to fight waves, and Steve and other lifeguards were close by. Another cool feature of this lagoon is the underwater viewing panel that looks directly into the Predator's Tank, so you can feel as if you are swimming next to sharks.

We went to the outside of the Predator's Tank with the kids so they could see the sharks being feed before heading to a restaurant that looked out over the lagoon for some lunch.

After a pretty tasty lunch of conch fritters and mahi mahi (I had wanted to try turtle soup, but they wern't serving any that day), we walked down to the touch tanks. Alexa was able to feed the turtles more, which made her incredibly happy, and Jared was able to lean over and touch the turtles, something he enjoyed much more than feeding the turtles.

After a while, we were able to track down an employee, and he was able to help the kids hold the turtles, a highlight of the day.

Before leaving the beach and farm, we took one last swim in Breaker's Lagoon and swam underneath the re-created waterfalls.

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