Wednesday, July 14, 2010

An Evening Bike Ride

A few posts ago I wrote about undiscovered adventures in your own backyard. Well, a few nights ago on the 9th we had another one. The place was familiar, but this time we saw it in a new way.

We brought the kids' bikes to some woods near our house. We have been to these woods many times before on hikes in all seasons. We've chased geese, picked blackberries off the trees and spotted a deer family, but have never brought the bikes before. Actually, I should say, just the kids rode their bikes. Steve still have to buy one for himself, and my bike's tire is flat. We quickly learned that next time we need to bring bikes, too, as the kids, particularly Jared, is way too fast for us to jog alongside.

I haven't set aside time to exercise in so long, so they quickly got way ahead of me. Steve pretty much ran the entire time. Alexa would tire, wait for me to catch up, and then speed up to Steve and Jared again.

I really want to get a new camera. Almost all the pictures I took were very blurry. Still, I hope it gives you some sense of our trip.

We all saw a favorite place from a new vantage point that night. Several times during the walk, I felt my throat grow tight as I remembered the kids at barely two, running along ahead of us, tripping frequently, and looking so tiny. Only two years ago, but they are entirely new people already. What will it seem like when we take this ride when they are 6, and 10 and 17?

At the end of our walk, we were treated to a gorgeous sunset, the setting sun leaving the clouds glowing majestically in the sky.


Stephanie said...

What a lovely evening for a ride!

Family bike rides are among my favorites.

Chris said...

I'm also looking forward to when they're older and we can go on much longer bike rides.