Monday, July 19, 2010

Legos & Dolphins @ Brookfield Zoo

We didn't know beforehand that there would be a Lego exhibit at the Brookfield Zoo, but it was a welcome surprise.  We actually spent more time here than looking at animals.

It's absolutely amazing at what people have been able to make out of Legos. And to think that someone gets paid to do it!

We bought a membership today which entitles us to four tickets to a dolphin show, so we decided to see the show today ( which was really on the 10th). I didn't realize how crowded it would be or how we would have to stand in line a long time in the hot sun, but we were able to get a good seat in the center.

We've seen one other dolphin show at the Shedd Aquarium which cost us about $55 for the family and was more about a theatrical experience than really seeing the animals. For $13 our whole family sat much closer to the tank, saw more of the dolphins and learned a lot more for much less than half the cost of the Shedd.

I really wish I had a better camera because I would have been able to take some incredible pictures. Jared fell asleep in Steve's arms halfway through the show (funny, he did the same at the Shedd, too!), but Alexa really enjoyed the show.

After the show, the kids watched the dolphins in the underwater viewing tank while I headed to the bathroom. The sea lions were right next door, so Alexa and I watched them glide around for a while. They'd swim right up to the glass, so you could literally get nose-to-nose with them if you wanted to.

Alexa wanted to look at the grizzly bears, but we found out they moved them to a new location on the other side of the zoo. It really was hot, and we were sweaty and tired, so we just decided to come back another day for that. Since we live only a five minute's drive from this zoo, we can come for only an hour and not feel bad about it! I'm so looking forward to coming back many times over the next year.


denise said...

Oh my, how long is the LEGO exhibit at Brookfield, do you know? Might have to take a mini-trip! :)

I haven't been back to that zoo in ages - we moved to St. Charles in 84, and then I lived in Chicago for years - I used to take my younger siblings every summer.

Chris said...

I wish I knew how long it would be there, but I can't find any info on it at the zoo's website, and I didn't ask when we were there. It was pretty cool, though. We're really thankful to live five minutes away from this zoo.

I'd love to take a mini-trip to Madison one day, too. I've never been there before.