Friday, August 13, 2010

Ober Gaitlinburg Part 1

The day after we arrived in Gaitlinburg, we decided a big breakfast was in order, so after filling up on pancakes, hash browns, and strawberry waffles, we drove over to the bottom of the mountain to catch an aerial tram ride to the top of an  mountain amusement park/ski resort called Ober Gaitlinburg.

It was our first glimpse high up over the Smoky Mountains. I'm pretty nervous with heights, so I think Steve and the kids enjoyed the ride more than I did, but I did manage to take a few pictures while we were up there. Kids under six ride free, so for $20 it was a nice intro to the area.

We were just going to look around for a few minutes, to see what we'd want to do when we came back in the car another day, but the lure of amusement park games called the kids, and we gave in to a quick $5 worth of games.

Jared was pretty upset that he didn't have enough tickets to buy the knight costume, and he still didn't like it even when we tried to explain that we'd probably have to shell out another $30 and three or four more hours to get it. Ah, well. It's hard even for an adult to accept, let alone a 4 year old.

We picked up some fudge and took the tram back down. On to grocery shopping and swimming at the club house in the early evening.


denise said...

What a beautiful view!

I have big issues with heights, but am not quite so freaked out if I am at least in an enclosed thingy. ;) Beautiful mountains.

legendswife said...

Such beautiful pictures. Ah...Legend and I traveled out to Tennessee/North Carolina a few years back and loved it. I think the only reason why we haven't gone back is I think I would want to stay!lol

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog (The Way We Home School).

God Bless