Monday, August 16, 2010

Ober Gaitlinburg Part 2

A few days before our trip was over, we went back to Ober Gatlinburg again to spend the day. It's very reasonably priced for an amusement park attraction. It cost us only $60 to get an all day, all access pass for me and Steve. The kids were free, otherwise it would have cost another $40.

The first thing we did was head straight for the Alpine Slide ride. It was at the very top of our list after researching what there was to do at the park, and after watching a video of the ride on YouTube.

I was SOOO nervous getting on that chairlift. I haven't been on one since I was 12 years old on a ski trip. It just kills me when they stop the lift and you're just swaying there. I tried to be brave for the kids since I don't want them to have my fear, too.

The Alpine Slide weaves down a 1800' track that glides down the mountain and woods. You ride in a bobsled-type thing and control your own speed, which, of course, was perfect for me and Alexa. We raced Steve and Jared on one of our many rides. They won, of course.

For the little ones, there's a nice place with playground equipment, and a train and car ride. It was so hot that we didn't stay there as long as we would have had it been cooler.

After taking a lunch break, we went ice skating at their indoor rink for a little while. The kids seemed excited about skating, but after just a few times around the rink, they were ready to quit. The only picture I have that turned out clear and not blurry is of me.

We went back outside for another few trips down the Alpine Slide, went through a maze...

...played a quick game of mini-golf (which turned into a game of mini-bowling after awhile)...

..and ended with Steve taking the kids down a water slide. Jared LOVED it! Alexa was ok with it, but said she didn't want to go again. I was just happy to get the funnel cake I had been drooling over and cotton candy. I don't think we would have gone to Ober Gaitlinburg if we didn't have little kids, but it was a great place for families with small kids.


Stephanie said...

Looks like a great place!
We have an alpine slide here....
there'es also a bungee/tramp thing, and a superduper zipline there. Hopefully we'll get to it this summer.

Your trip looks super fun!

Lynn B said...

Oh, how fun! We will have to put that on our to-do wish list. Great memories, I'm sure :)