Monday, April 4, 2011

Children's Museums

While we loved the snow, we spent the most of our time inside. Even with all our new games and pretend play, we had our fair share of adventures outside of the house, too. We went to a few children's museums, hitting our favorites. We usually don't go in the summer to take advantage of the weather, but we didn't go to as many this year as we did last year. It had to do with my project I was working on and getting ready for our big trip.

We did get to the Chicago Children's Museum downtown. We usually go the week after Christmas when Steve's off work.

We also went with my mom to the Oak Lawn Children's Museum near her house. The most fun I had was watching my mom play r cashier with the kids. At first it was just my kids lined up to check out and then she had a long line of kids ready to check out!

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