Tuesday, April 19, 2011

March Birthday Parties

We celebrated two birthdays in the weeks before our three week Las Vegas/San Diego trip, so it was a hectic, crazy time. Add to that me attending a two day In-Home (homeschooling )Conference,where I met Sandra Dodd, Pat Farenga, David Albert and Cindy Gaddis (I'd highly recommend attending this conference if you live in the Chicago land area), well, it was an exhausting but inspiring time.

My best friend had a party at Chuck E. Cheese for her son, celebrating his 3rd birthday. Looking through my pictures, I realized I never took a picture with all three kids together! They were all moving so fast from one ride to another that it was hard to keep up with them.

Then, three days before our trip we celebrated Steve's birthday at his parent's house. We had a good time hanging out with family. I think the present Steve liked the most was the digital recorder for his guitar. He works so hard for us and is the greatest father I know, loving to spend all of his free time with me and the kids, that I feel bad he doesn't play guitar as much anymore, something he loves to do. I hope this present reminds him of his creative side, since finding sales tax refunds all day doesn't allow for this too much!

I really am the worst wife, though. The night before Steve's real birthday, we had a little family party and the kids gave him some presents. Then, the next morning, the day we left for our trip, I let him leave the house for work without saying Happy Birthday! I remembered mid-morning when his father reminded me. I felt a little better when Steve said his dad had called him to wish him a happy birthday and HE forgot it was his own birthday, too!

Even though it's not about birthdays, I included the picture below because besides Legos, tying figures up and dangling them from things is so what Jared is about these days. He can tie knots WAY better than me now.

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