Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fun Around the House in March Part 3

We're very flexible with when the kids go to bed at our home. We definitely do not have a set bedtime. Generally, it depends on the day. If the kids have been up since 6:30 or 7:00 and have not wanted to lay down for a little bit, they tend to go to bed earlier. Alexa, almost always, will ask us to put her in her bed on her own. If she has been up early, this is usually between 8:00-9:00 p.m. We tuck her in, sing and pray together.

Jared, on the other hand, is different. He can be up just as early and will still be up at 10:00. He'll go in the room with us when we tuck in Alexa, and then he almost always drifts out to the living room. Usually, he'll watch something with us, but often he and Steve will have a special project going on. The picture above is of the two putting together a Lego robot kit. Some nights he wants more stories, or to put together a puzzle with or without someone. Other nights he'll line up his pirates, knights, and Indians. When he looks sleepy, we carry him to our bedroom, and more often than not, tell a ghost story. Sometimes he wanders back out again, and then we give him more time before trying to tuck him in our bed again. She rarely sleeps with us in our bed unless she's sick; he almost always does. You really have to go on the individual needs of each child. They'll let you know what they need.

There was a rare night where Alexa stayed up later and they put together a puzzle.

Nights almost always include book reading before bed. Alexa loves to be the one to read to all of us, lately. We have an ongoing novel or very long chapter book that we usually read together for about an hour or so while we eat our lunch, but at bedtime we read special picture books, or Alexa will read us some of her chapter books. For the past month, there has always at least one Batman book, too, per Jared's request.

A few weekends ago, Steve's parents came over in the evening, and we had dinner together - Mexican food and stuffed mushrooms. The kids had a blast blowing bubble outside before eating. I love when the seasons change and we bring out new things to do, especially outside things. It's like they're brand-new again.

We've also had quite a few Memory game sessions this month. I guess I should say Alexa and I have. Jared usually plays with his little figures next to us. He's really enjoyed playing by himself more these past few months, just moving his figures around and making up stories.

Another newly rediscovered outdoor activity has been painting the porch. Last year, while painting outside on their little table, they began to paint all over the porch, too. We just basically gave in, (it's supposedly washable paint), and let them go a little crazy. The porch still has paint on it from last year. So, they went for it, painting the porch, basketball net and asphalt. I know some people might think we're crazy for allowing this, think it looks sloppy and unkempt, but looking at that paint makes me wish time would move more slowly.  Someday the porch will be very clean, but I'm really not looking forward to that day.

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