Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Picnic With Friends

Last week, we went with my mom to visit one of my friends who's just had a baby. We walked to a playground/park area a few blocks from her house and had a little picnic.

My mom bought my friend's son, who just turned 2, a badminton set. I think Jared had the most fun with it, though. He insisted on calling it playing "tennis."

Alexa had more fun on the playground equipment and being with my mom. I was able to have a rare moment to just sit with my friend and talk for a while.

After lunch, my friend's husband brought out some sidewalk chalk  and introduced the kids to the game of hopscotch. Alexa seemed interested, until the game was cut short by a maintenance man yelling that we're not allowed to draw with chalk on the ground. Really?  Ok.  Reminds me of when I was at a playground before the kids were born and there was a playground attendant (?) and she yelled at kids for running. Seriously.

So, after playing somewhat "correctly" on the playground equipment...

...we headed to the ball field to run some bases.

Before having a bit of a melt-down from being tired, my friend's son wanted to hold Jared's hand on the way home. Isn't this picture so sweet?

Before leaving J to his nap, Jared wanted to dress up in his pirate outfit once more. Of course me, my friend and mom had to don pirate hats as well. It was a wonderful spring day. Days like this make me so grateful the kids will never be cooped up in a building when they want to run free outside.

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Nicki said...

I csn't believe they wouldn't let you write with chalk on the playground! i could understand if they were writing bad words or gang signs or something, but they're little tiny kids drawing pictures! What a killjoy.