Thursday, April 22, 2010

Junior Farmers Program at The Center in Palos Park

We are officially Junior Farmers as of April 13th. The program, put on by The Center in Palos Park, has really been a great experience so far, even though we've only had two sessions. The first day, Ms. Kay introduced the kids to all the spring baby animals.

We headed first to the outside coop where the baby chicks are kept. All children who wanted to held a baby chick to put in the coop. 

Then we went to look at the new baby bunnies that had just been born a week ago. Their eyes were still closed and they had very little fur so we couldn't handle them yet, but they were sure cute to see!  They took out one of the older rabbits, and the kids sat in a circle to pet her and watch her eat grass.

Once inside the barn, we stopped at the goats' stall. Alexa loved brushing the goats. Jared, and quite a few other boys, loved squashing up the goat poop with their shoes. Boys!

We then checked out the calves....

... and then each child was given a duckling to carry out to the pen where they are kept outside.

I think one of the most exciting things the kids did besides holding the baby animals was throwing grass into the duck's water pool. I think within ten minutes those kids would have had the kiddie pool overflowing with grass if Ms. Kay hadn't stopped them.

We look forward to milking the goats, and taking a hay and pony ride in the weeks to come.

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