Tuesday, May 11, 2010

4 Year Old Family Party

The day after the kid's real birthday, they spent the entire day with grandparents. I dropped them off at my mom's house in the morning, where they went to the library and playground. I went home and WORKED. I was sooooooooooooo exhausted at the end of the day from cleaning. But the house looked really good when I was done, and I told myself that it probably wouldn't get such a thorough cleaning like that again for another month.

Steve's parents picked the kids up at 1:00, took them to yet another park, bought them an ice cream sundae and took them to their house for more playing. They made dinner for us, and when Steve took the kids to the store to buy stuff for the family party, I went to my monthly book discussion group with a group of homeschool moms.

On May 1st, everyone came over at 1:00. Steve used his smoker for the first time, so we had smoked sausages and brauts, and he cooked chicken, hamburgers, and hot dogs. I had made a broccoli salad, Steve's mom brought a bean salad and we had corn on the cob. Simple, but I couldn't work up the energy to do anything else.

The rain held out until right before everyone started heading home, so I breathed a prayer of thanks. Our house is really tiny, so there was no way everyone would have fit inside. The kids all played well together in the sandbox, on the swings and slide. I think they played catch for a while. Actually, I feel like I was running around most the time and don't really know what everyone was doing.

The kids were so excited about opening up presents this year. Some things they received: Jared- bike, books, games, G.I.Joe dress-up, squirt guns, Lego sets, a Slinky and new P.J.s. Alexa received a lot of the same, plus a big bubble wand, and other dress-up things.

Of course, the huge present for Jared was his long awaited drum set. He actually said he wanted Steve to set up his drum set before he'd eat any cake. That is just unhead of around here.

My friend stopped by with her kids. I snapped a sweet picture of her and her new baby girl.

I hardly took pictures throughout the day. It was just too hard with all the running around. After most people left, Steve's parents stayed and we had leftover BBQ. I read to Jared while everyone else played a round of Alexa's new game, Mouse Trap. It was a tiring but fulfilling day. I've added a few pictures here of Jared playing his drum set for the first time.

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