Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Doctor Visit, Daddy's Work, and the ER

The kids had their 4 year old check up on the 5th. They both were so proud to be going to the doctor's office. Jared's now 39 and 1/4 inches tall, and Alexa is 39 and 3/4th inches tall. Jared's in the 25th percentile in weight at 32 pounds; Alexa is in the 50th for weight at 34 pounds.

They had pretty much forgotten what shots were like, which was good at first because they weren't freaking out ahead of time. Alexa didn't even cry or flinch after getting two shots in the leg and a finger prick. Jared cried for a little bit, but after about 10 seconds that was all. They've always been really tough when it comes to pain.

After the doctor, we drove to Portillos for lunch. Jared wanted to go to McDonald's, but I said no. I just couldn't stand eating there once again. They still ordered burgers and fries, but at least Steve and I could eat something different.

We then drove to Steve's work. We try to visit him at least three or four times a year. Today is nice because Steve was just going to meet with someone for a little while, and then leave with us to go back home. I actually have a picture of the kids with Steve in his office. I just realized that I've never snapped a shot of them in his office before.

I started to feel bad, my chest has felt tight the past few weeks, while I played games with the kids in the office. When we started to go downstairs, it felt worse so I sat down while Alexa walked along the ledge near the fish and took a picture of them. Steve took Jared to the bathroom.

By the time Steve came back and we got into the car, my chest started hurting pretty bad. Then I started to feel very nausous and my left hand went numb. That's when we rushed to the hospital.

I was rushed in right away and had an EKG done. Then came a flurry of other tests, an IV was placed in my arm (I still haven't been able to go a year from the time I was first married, almost 7 years, without having an IV!), and I eventually went up for a CAT scan. Poor Steve had to keep the kids occupied with Slurpies, books and watching everything happen to me. I guess they had a really up close look at what ER doctors and nurses do.  Eventually, Steve's mom came and took the kids home for dinner.

Turns out my while blood cell count was high. I have some type of infection, but they don't know where. The chest pains, they guessed, were probably stress related. At least I know there's nothing seriously wrong with my heart or lungs.

Ah, well. At least it was an adventurous day!


Nicki said...

Oh wow, that sounds scary! When I was reading, it sounded like you were having some sort of heart attack! So glad that isn't it. Are you feeling better now?

Chris said...

Thanks for asking. I still have days where my chest feels tight, but overall I'm trying to do a better just of relaxing when I start feeling too stressed. Hard to do with two 4 year olds, right?