Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Farm and the Library

Our Junior Farmers Program at the Center in Palos Park has been just wonderful. The first three classes Jared was very clingy. In fact, I had to carry him for most of the time. But he's beginning to warm up and while he doesn't talk with the other kids, he doesn't hang on me that much either.

On the 4th a woman in the class who has recently hatched baby ducks brought them to class. I think they're a week old. We really want to do this next spring when we can buy and incubator. It was soo adorable to watch the baby duck swimming around in the pool for the first time. They didn't really like the water that much, yet.

Someone left a baby gosling at the farm, so we all took turns holding its fuzzy body. It was amazingly soft.

Ms. Kay showed the kids how chickens take a bath by flapping around in the gravel. Hmm. Something I didn't know either. We met a girl, who was probably around 10 or 11, who helped with our group. Ms. Kay made it a point to tell us she is home-schooled so she has time to help out on the farm. It was nice to talk to a girl who seemed so self-assured and said she really loved being home-schooled. I don't know if she is able to be a self-directed learner, but it looks like she at least has the freedom to participate in program like these for long periods of time during the day.

After the farm, we drove over to my mom's house. She only lives about 5 minutes away, so it's a great chance to see her, my dad, and grandma. Also, my mom usually does something fun for a few hours with the kids while I get a chance to work on this blog, practice my Greek or even do a little reading.

This day my mom and grandma took the kids to the library near their home and to the park next door. She took my camera, so I'll just let the pictures below speak for themselves.

And the ended the day with their grandma and great grandma their favorite way - with an ice cream cone!

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