Friday, December 17, 2010

Alexa's Ballet Recital

I think I've written recently how Alexa decided to go back to ballet lessons after stopping last December. Just briefly I'll mention that when she turned three she begged to go to dance after watching quite a few ballet DVDs with me. She went for six months and then had a rather traumatic first recital and decided to stop after that. Then this September she begged to go again and has been for the past four months.

A few weeks ago she was in her second recital. This one went so much better because it was held in the same room where she takes her lessons, and it was a free, casual event. She even stood in line by herself so I could slip out and sit with Steve and Jared during her performance. She was so, so, so ADORABLE! It was just her, the teacher, and another little boy, and she did so well.

Afterwards the kids met Frosty and Rudolph and posed with them for pictures. Then we drove over to Steve's parents house for pizza, and the kids stayed for a few hours more while Steve and I did some Christmas shopping.

So, now Alexa has decided once again to stop ballet lessons. I guess it's turning into an annual thing. Not that I mind, though. Ballet can really be expensive!  Even through a park district, it's $126 for a 12-week session. And then there's the shoes, leotard and tights. AUGGHHH! We'd be fine paying for it if she really loves it, so it's good she stops when she's not excited about it. She says she wants to take a break and go back in the summer. We'll see.

 So far they'll take a half hour gymnastics class at the Y once a week for a six week session and that's it. I'm so relieved! I'm really looking forward to long, lazy winter days at home. I know some people who have their kids in preschool, ballet and swimming lessons all at the same time at the age of 2. At two years old! Can you believe it?

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