Wednesday, December 8, 2010

First Snowfall

The first day of December also brought our first snowfall of the season. It's always a bit of a shock to me to come shuffling out of my bedroom in the morning to see the yard, trees, and everything in sight covered with snow. It always seems too early.

But, as you can see from the kids' faces, they weren't shocked at all. They were all too excited to get decked out in snow gear, ready mostly, to eat as much snow as they could.

I was surprised how long they stayed out in the snow. It was at least an hour. I braved the cold in my bathrobe to snap a few shots of them from off the deck.

We hadn't brought in the old sandbox or water table, so Jared had loads of  fun hacking away at the ice with a golf club. Unfortunately, the snow melted quickly, so they kids were disappointed they couldn't make a snowman yet; that didn't try to stop them from shovelling or even raking the snow.

How much do your kids love the snow?


mel said...

lol - Savannah is out rolling around and trying to make snowmen in even the tiniest dustings of snow...she LOVES it. Sebastian prefers to hold out for the big accumulations.

awesome pictures....*shiver*


verdemama said...

I am not by nature a winter lover, but this year I'm loving the snow right along with my girls and even went laughing and zooming down the sledding hill with my 3 yo. My 7 mo baby was warm at home with Papa. I'm sure if you ask me in Feb I'll have a much different answer ;-) Also my 7 yo loves to eat snow with a vegetarian organic version of "jello" sprinkled on it. For her it is the ultimate delight.