Monday, May 19, 2008

Change, Cheese and Craters

From the time the twins were one until they turned two, they loved going to while they ate breakfast in the morning. Before they could talk, I’d show them five new letters a week. Then as they started to know they letters, they’d yell out letters for me to click on. It just occurred to me this morning that we haven’t even looked at the letters page in a few months. Now they just want to stay on the book page. It’s like they went from not knowing any letters to reading words without me even realizing it. I never would have ever guessed it could be possible this young before I had them.

This morning they wanted to play with money. Steve has a little basket of change on top of his dresser with spare change. They love to climb on top of our bed, spill the change out, put the coins in between their toes, and just shove it around the mattress. When they start flinging it behind the headboard, that’s when I start distracting them with something else.

Jared wanted me to read to him throughout the morning, so it was like spray down the counters, read a book, barely finishing wiping them down, read a book, try to wipe down the mirrors, read a book. Alexa had a great time play pretending, putting animals on each other’s back and feeding them milk from her sippy cup

Late afternoon we went outside, played on swings and in the sandbox. Before their nap we read a non-fiction book about the moon and talked about its waxing and waning, how the moon is a satellite. We also read Yellow Moon, Apple Moon, I Like Stars by Margaret Wise Brown, The Shape of Me and other Stuff by Dr. Seuss, and How to Make a Book by Aliki.

In afternoon, we watched a Reading Rainbow DVD about milking cows and how cheese is made. Then we went outside again. I love when we get to go outside for a long time. I dragged out the sidewalk paint and they absolutely loved it! Jared found some rocks and we painted those as well. Alexa was cute! She was actually afraid of the arts. I don’t know where that’s coming from. We’ll have to help her with that.

After dinner Jared did so great with hitting line drives off his T-ball stand. Steve read them books tonight: Goodnight Moon, Green Eggs and Ham, Go, Dog, Go! We went outside to look for the moon, but it was too light to see it.

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