Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fun with Grandma

For the next three days, I’m gonna play catch up with this blog. I wrote down sketchy notes but I forgot what we did most of the day. Not a great start to my goal of recording our learning experiences throughout the day, but I hope to get better.

I know my parents came over this afternoon and watched the kids while I went grocery shopping. My mom usually comes every Friday afternoon. I would love to take the twins shopping with me for the experience, but they won’t stay in the stroller anymore and I definitely wouldn’t be able to carry or watch them both while shopping.

My mom said they played with these number containers she made for them. She put different numbers on the outside of empty containers. The game is to put the correct number of shapes in each container. Also, there’s this website that shows an animated Santa and reindeers singing I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas that my mom said Jared wants played over again and again. Not something I’d choose for him to listen to for that long, but he does have an amazing attention span for such a little guy. Jared also impressed my dad with hitting from the tee ball stand. Jared will set the ball on the stand, swing back far, and hit the ball dead center, not even touching the stand, with a line drive across the room.

I‘ve complied a list of books for gifted readers that I’ve created through several different books, including My Best Friends are Books. So far every book I’ve checked out that has been recommended for the two year old range has been a hit with Jared and Alexa. They both were excited to see a few new books I’d picked up for them on my way home this afternoon.

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