Monday, May 19, 2008

Tw0 Year Old Checkup

My babies had their two year old doctor’s appointment today. I was so glad that Steve could be with me because Alexa was really, really, really upset. She screamed her head off when we put her on the scale. Jared took things in pretty well until came down for the shot. I was a bit disappointed to find out they are still in the 5th percentile in weight, but the doctor said she thought they were healthy because I give them vitamins and DHA supplements everyday.

It was really warm today for a change so we spent the rest of the morning playing outside. We were so impressed with how far Jared can hit the tee ball. He will concentrate for such a long time, putting the ball on the stand, hitting it off and then running off grab the ball for another round. Steve raked up garden so we’ll be ready to plant really soon.

We went to the nearby woods in the afternoon. I was a little wary at first because last time we went there, Alexa, and Jared to some extent, was super clingy. I was afraid we were going to be carrying them the whole time like before. That definitely was not the case this time! Alexa loved exploring everywhere she could. We walked down to the edge of the pond to look at the geese and she walked right up to them. I’d expect that of Jared but not Alexa. Then she went marching off across the open field, following after the robins as they flitted from place to place.

At the end of the open field, there is a line of trees that lead back into the trees. We were so excited to see three deer. Jared and Alexa loved climbing over logs, shuffling through leaves and holding onto sticks as we followed the deer deeper into the woods.

After dinner, we went outside again. Some highlights included: drawing with chalk on sidewalk, riding scooters and walking in between the bushes.

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