Tuesday, May 13, 2008

First Time in Sunday School!

It was the twins first time going to Sunday School today, and Alexa was really clinging. I couldn’t pry her off of me, so I wound up staying the whole time. Jared was pretty independent, though. Besides getting slapped in the face by another girl, he took everything else pretty much in stride.

I was actually glad I had to stick around. It was interesting to see what they were going to do. The more I took it all in, the more it solidified my decision to have to kids learn at home with me. Not that anything was that bad. It’s just little things like having the kids color pre-printed coloring pages instead of being allowed to free-draw. I cringed when I saw the teacher take one boy’s sheet, glance at it, hand it back and tell him he needed to color some more on the other side of the page. What is that! They also used cookie cutters to play with the play dough the entire time, and were served two Oreos for a snack. I don’t mean to sound snobby or uppity, but Oreos at 10:00 in the morning for two year olds? I don’t get it.

They did have a good time listening to the story and learning the verse. I also loved them getting a chance to hang around older kids, something they didn’t get to do in the nursery.

After their nap, Steve’s parents came over to check out the swing/slide/teeter-totter set they helped buy for the twins’ birthday. Jared and Alexa loved getting pushed on the swing by their grandparents. Jared also had a great time exploring by the bushes near the back fence. Every time I see him back there, I think I’d love to get inside his head to know what he’s thinking. He just looks so enthralled, like he’s a true explorer discovering a new land. Alexa was in her element after we came in to eat pizza later in the evening. She dragged out all the animals and told us the name of each animal.

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