Friday, October 8, 2010

August Random Fun Part 3

For as much as I've been feeling bad these past few weeks, it's nice to see as I look over our pictures that the kids have still been outside quite a bit and not always cooped up inside with me. I took the above picture when it was raining outside all day. I woke up feeling a little depressed that we might be stuck inside all day and the kids would start getting a little crazy, but to my surprise, they asked to play out in the rain. They usually don't want to do this, but for some reason, they stayed outside most of the morning. No fighting, no bickering, just lots and lots of pretend play, which was great, too, because I really felt lousy that day.

On a weekend I felt better, we took our first family bike ride around woods very close to our house. Now, we've hiked through here lots of times and the kids have ridden their bikes, but this was the first time we all rode bikes together. It was such a great feeling, but it made me really realize how big they are.

We've also feed the ducks near the river by our house, too. Today we actually found a trail by the river that I'd never know about. But that story will be for another post.


Nicki said...

Being outside is the best... even in the rain! We do that too sometimes. Our whole street flooded one day this summer, and we were all out there wading around in it... sort of unsanitary, I guess, but how often does your street turn into a lake?

Chris said...

Awesome! Those are the kinds of memories kids will keep for a lifetime.