Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Random August Fun

So as much as I had wanted to keep this blog current with what's been going on with us, it's almost the end of September now, and I'm just starting to write about our August highlights. It's not been a great month for me health-wise. I've had another sinus infection, had a severe TMG episode and have felt incredibly tired most days. I've felt like we haven't gone out and done as much as we usually do, even just doing different things around the house. But then, when I get really down on myself for not being as there for the kids as I want to, the kids do and say the most amazing things and I realize they are getting so much more out of our lives than I realize, even if it means just hanging out more or staying close to home.

We have enjoyed playing Mouse Trap many times the past two months. Jared's usually the one asking to play. He loves the construction aspect of the game.

Of course the pretend play has continued to be strong. They love, love, love to dress up. I love to just watch them and listen to how they use their play to make sense of new things they've learned.

I never thought with twins that I'd have one reading to the other, but since Alexa started reading at two, and then reading really well at three, the kids spend many hours together on the couch with Alexa reading to Jared. I have a funny feeling that she'll play a big part in how he'll learn to read one day.

We had been reading a book about mummies, so Jared asked me to wrap him up as one.

We've had quite a few beach ball games after baths...

..and the kids have actually asked to mop and vacuum! Who know how long that will last?

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Lynn B said...

What is a TMG episode, Chris? I am sorry you have been feeling bad and hope things are better now. Looks like things have been moving along in spite of your misery - never a dull moment, eh?