Thursday, October 7, 2010

Random August Fun Part 2

At the beginning of August we did get out to a few playgrounds. Somehow I thought we'd make it to more playgrounds this year, but the kids really were content most of the time to simply play in the backyard.

We even checked out a new playground near my sister's house.

One morning the kids wanted me to take out their baby push toys we had stored in the garage. Then they wanted to play car wash, so I set out a pan of water out for them and they had a great time washing their push toys.

Whenever I make meatloaf, I usually make at least three so I can freeze the other two for later. The kids love helping me, especially with the mashing, squishing and shaping the meat into a loaf.

Jared has always had a great ability to put things together in a way that no one else would have, or to see things in a way differently than most people. One day he had a sponge bowling ball pin and some golf tees. He looks at the pin for a few seconds and then shoves a few tees into the sponge. Then he holds it up to me and says, "Look, Mom, I made a brush!"

We did manage to squeeze in another swim time at the YMCA with my mom in August, too. Here's the kids in the dressing room, content with their juice boxes.

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