Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hangin' at the Zoo

While the announcement I'm about to make may not sound that earth-shattering, it is a huge breakthrough for me. This August I took the kids to the zoo for the first time by myself. Didn't meet anyone or go with anyone. Just did it by myself.

See, up until now it's been almost impossible for me to go by myself because the kids want to take off running away from me when we're in public. Not that they still don't do this, but it's much, much better than it was a year ago. We haven't used a stroller since the kids were 20 months because they don't take confinement too well. (Strangely, enough, they do great with very long car trips, though. I think seeing other people walking around and them not being able to is what gets to them.)

I was expecting them to run off from me most the time, but to my utter shock and amazement, we all had a great time!

We first headed to the children's zoo, mainly because it's a smaller area, and I thought if they did run off, it would be easier to catch them. They wanted to go straight to the goats, so that's what we did.

We went to the hen house to see if we'd catch any chicks in the process of hatching, but no luck today. One of the workers was really kind to take one of the newly hatched chicks out for the kids to pet, although after participating in the farm program and carrying their own chicks and ducklings all over the farm by themselves, petting this chick didn't leave much of an impressions on them.

Actually one of the things Jared liked most about the trip was the bathroom. He was SO excited to see a sink that was "just my size." 

We stayed such a long time in the children's farm area that we had to head straight home. We paused for some quick funny pictures on the way out and....

...the requisite picture on the lion, and....

...they each used allowance money to buy masks. Really from the moment we passed by the shop on the way in to the zoo, Jared couldn't stop talking about buying his dinosaur mask. Thankfully, I convinced him to buy it on the way out so we wouldn't have to carry it around all afternoon.

I'm so excited we had such a great afternoon together. The zoo is just a five minute drive from the house, so it will make a great outing for when we want to go out and do something during the week with just the three of us.



Stephanie said...


How funny that you guys went to the zoo today, too. :)

My friend and I were talking today that it's sooo much easier now that we don't panic and have to have them in sight every second - that we know they won't be too far. :) Hooray for that!!

Chris said...

It's good to know that day is coming soon. Although I will miss very much their little faces, voices and endless questions.