Friday, October 29, 2010

Birthdays Part 1

In real time it's October 20th, and was beautifully warm all day outside. I found some great sales at the grocery store, and Steve caught an early flight home and was able to meet up at Alexa's make-up ballet class. In blogging time, however, I'm still in the middle of September. I've taken on some new projects, have been on the go with the kids and have just felt too darn tired to write at night. But this blog is important to me. My goal is to get much more into the details of our learning lives, share more about our free life of learning, and list resources and other cool things we've been using. So, my wonderful hubby will play with the kids this evening and I will write like crazy to get caught up!

We've had seven birthday celebrations since I've last posted.  We celebrated my brother's birthday in the beginning of September even though it's really in July. We were in the Smoky Mountains then, and just let life sweep us up when we got back. We made it up by inviting him over for dinner and having a little private party. Of course, the kids were most excited to lick the candles and eat cake, but I think playing with Uncle Andy ranked pretty high, too.

Alexa is always in her element when she can read the birthday cards.

We also celebrated Steve's mom's birthday in September. The kids were able to hang out with their older cousins (a rarity), and Jared presented Grandma with a big bag of corn candy which he prompted set to eating himself.

Grandma had the greatest idea for her birthday. She wanted us all to give her money which she used towards buying tickets to see Billy Elliot for her,me and Steve's two sisters. We had a wonderful time going a few weeks later, taking the El downtown to the Oriental Theater, and then going out to the Flattop Grill afterwards. I hadn't seen a play (not counting children's theater) in a while, and it reminded me how much I love it and want to go more. It's just that the tickets are so darn expensive! Our tickets were $75 and we were seated in the second balcony.

We had a combined birthday party for my dad and grandma since their birthdays are two days apart. My grandma is 92 now.

Since Steve had to go away for a few days, and a trip that the kids and I had planned with my mom fell through, my mom decided to spend a night at our house instead. My next two posts will be about those days, but at the end of the second day we came back to her house and celebrated the birthdays.

My dad went to slap Jared a high five across the cake, and Jared soon had a high five full of cake. He definitely didn't mind at all.

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