Thursday, March 11, 2010

Beverly Arts Center - The Three Little Pigs

Yesterday morning we headed to Chicago to watch a production of the Three Little Pigs put on by Chicago Kids Company at the Beverly Arts Center.   Alexa, my mom and I had been here once before to see the Tortoise and the Hare, but this was Jared's first time.

The day started out rainy and mucky, and Steve had been on a business trip the night before, so I needed something different for me and the kids to do. We had been by my mom's most of the day before, helping clean and pack, since they'll be moving this Friday.

I had it all planned out, exactly how long it would take to drive there, park, find a bathroom, and take our seats. But, of course, something always gets in the way of my carefully planned out timeline. You'd think I'd learn to plan in time for the unplanned!

The Center has a parking lot attached to the property, and I had counted on parking there. When we pulled up, I noticed a huge tent covering the lot. Well, ok. Something different. But I'd seen other cars parked there, so I thought it'd be ok. Then, just as I had let Jared out of the car, a workman came over and told us we couldn't park there.  And then Jared fell face first in a mud puddle. Definitely not planned. Still after changing his pants, huffing it to the building and into the bathroom, we managed to get into our seats (front row and center!) with about a minute to spare.

It was a really, really cute production, and very interactive with the audience. Since we were in the front row, it was even more interactive for us, with the characters coming down to shake our hands and asking questions. Both kids especially loved the Big Bad Wolf. Alexa talked throughout the program; she had so many comments and questions. When the play ended, she said, very loudly," I want to come back and watch another play again really soon."

I rushed us into the bathroom again, trying to beat the lines, but when we came out the actors had left the greeting area out front. I felt so bad; I didn't realize how much they'd wanted to shake hands with the Big Bad Wolf. They soon forgave me, though.

There are two plays left in the season - Cinderella and Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  Hopefully we'll make it to them, too.

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