Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fun Stuff Around the House in March

There's no end in sight to the endless concoction-making. Yep, they're still going strong. I cringed when I saw three packs of brand new play dough broken up into pieces with water and oil poured on top. I have to tell myself to breathe; it's their play dough to do with as they wish, they just have to realize their play dough supply just won't last that long then.

The kids really love to help around the house, especially with cooking. Alexa spent almost an hour cutting up beef into small pieces and dredging them in a flour mixture. She also loved helping to bread the catfish for dinner. Jared sometimes joins in cooking, too. We made lasagna in the crock pot, and he enjoyed piling on the cheese.

Alexa was beyond thrilled when I pulled out this little vacuum. She LOVES to help me vacuum the house. She doesn't have a play kitchen, or vacuum, or broom or mop, because she uses the real ones to do real housework. Why pretend play when you can do the real thing?

We've also been building skyscrapers and robots with Legos....

...and playing lots of dress-up. Jared has the natural gift of picking up an item of clothing and making it fit whatever he is pretending. He saw the shiny piece of black material and thought, knight helmet. He saw a red vest, put his head through the arm sleeve and it became a superhero cape.He's been asking for a Batman costume with crime-fighting tools, but he's so creative in designing his own costumes, I wonder if the real thing will kind of be a let down after a while.

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