Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Nineteenth Century Club - Mike McMullin Concert

Why are school holidays great for homeschoolers? On holidays, some of the most fun programs are hosted by libraries, children's museums, and even, to my surprise, non-for-profit community centers that I assumed catered more towards adult programming. I had read about an upcoming concert featuring a musician named Kevin McMullin, who uses storytelling and song to teach kids how to make music with different parts of their body, which was put on by The Nineteenth Century Club in Oak Park.

We sat down on the floor in front of the staging area. Mr. McMullin has a great ability to involve the entire audience in his music. Even so, Jared started rolling on the ground after a while. I think he saw a little girl running back and forth and was gearing up to follow her. Just when I thought for sure he'd pop up and take off across the room, Mr. McMullin started telling a story.

It's like magic with my kids. They can tell just from the sound of your voice within five seconds that a story is about to begin. Jared popped up and plopped himself into my lap, spellbound the entire time. Alexa loved the singing part the best, even standing up and dancing at one point.

I was able to shoot this adorable picture of the kids on the way out to the car.

They fell asleep in the car on the way home (yeah! Twenty minutes to lay the seat back in the car and rest). On the way to the car after the concert, Jared had picked up a stick and put it behind his ear. He said it was like the feather in Yankee Doodle Dandy. When I went to carry him inside, I found this...


Sarah said...

You need to post more pictures! That second one of your son asleep with the 'feather' behind his ear is so cute!

It sounds like a fun outing. I wish we had more stuff like that around here.

Chris said...

I usually post a lot more pictures, but I've been definitely slacking lately. I haven't been following your blog for that long now, but I get jealous looking at your pictures! We have to drive a ways to get to open country where you live. And to have chickens in your own backyard? I'm sure my daughter would love to be a part of your family for awhile.