Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fun Around the House in March Part 2

We've had a lot more concerts around here this month. I'll sit at the kitchen table making out the grocery list, and Jared and Alexa will come in make up a song, wait for me to clap and yell out, "Bravo," and then go into their room to change costumes for the next song. Well, in Jared's case it's usually just changing hats and weapons because he's usually naked. I tried to take at least one above the waist picture for the blog.

The picture below is of Jared singing a song titled: I am a Chinese lady. Don't ask. I don't know why either.

Alexa has continued to be a huge help in the kitchen. Jared usually drifts in and out, doing an occasional stir or mix, but Alexa has the staying power to complete an entire dinner prep. She loves anything to do with breading meat or fish. Here she is dipping the catfish first in milk, then flour, than milk and finally in a breadcrumb, Parmesan cheese mixture.

I try to get laundry done on Mondays, with one or two other loads thrown in over the week. Without fail, for the past three weeks, and sporadically before that, the kids have helped with the laundry. This is always done without me requesting any help. I guess it seems like some fun game. The white pile is easy to make. Alexa reads the tag to tell whether the other clothes should be in the warm or cold pile. This week they also offered to strip down all the sheets and pillowcases. Of course, the favorite thing to do is spray stains with the Shout and Spray.

They take turns pouring in the detergent and handing each other clothes to throw in the wash. When the wash is done, we head down to throw the wash in the dryer and to start a new load. I'm beginning to think it won't be very long when they can do this entire process all by themselves. Won't that be nice?

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