Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It Feels Like Spring

It won't officially be spring for another three days, but two weekends ago, it certainly started to feel like spring around here. That was the day the kids took out the trikes for the first time in almost four months. Alexa could barely pedal the end of last summer, and then hasn't had much practice in the past six months, so it's surprising to see her jet around the yard. Jared just flies by everyone. We really need to get him a regular bike. He looks out of place on a trike.

Poor Steve. While we enjoyed the warmer air, he worked away replacing the fence post I hit during the winter. Not good.

The swing set we bought for the kids second birthday is already looking small on them. When I'm in the yard, they want me to push them on the swings, but by themselves, they swing on their bellies.

We've taken walks around the block three days in a row now. Well, actually rides. Yesterday, I took my bike out, too, but one tire was almost flat. The hard thing is keeping track of the two of them. Jared rides so fast and doesn't want to slow down for us, and Alexa, poor girl, is working her little legs off trying to keep up. I just get worried a car will back up down the driveway and not be able to see them.

I just about had a heart attack today. This big dog, a boxer, I think, came running around a house and straight towards Jared. He was on Jared before I could pick him up. Thank God he just sniffed at him, but I was seeing stars for awhile. Things are better than last summer, though. Both kids stop at the end of the block, and for the most part, will stay close by and not run off.

Then, of course, there's been lots of climbing up the tall bushes in the back. Last year they called them "Tigger's Trees" and would go back in their "woods" to look for him. They wish we had a real tree (we do, but it's not at all low enough) to climb.

My goal is to take the kids out much more than last year. We did a good job of getting out every day, but I'd really like them to be able to run around larger areas, like the woods and creek.

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