Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Grammy and Papa's Moving Day

March 13th was the last day I set foot in the house I had lived in for the past sixteen years before I was married. Surprisingly, I didn't feel as bad as I thought I would. I guess it's true; it's really the people that make the place. Plus, all the furniture from the old house fits in nicely in my parent's new home, and I can imagine all the wonderful memories we'll make in the years to come.

Steve woke up early to help pack the truck, and I drove over with the kids a few hours later and helped clean out my grandma's fridge (she lived in an apartment above my parents).  Alexa helped me for a while, attracted by the spray bottle and water.

Later, my sister came by with O. The kids watched so much T.V. that day. I think it was almost six hours, almost as much as they'd watch in a week. It made me feel so bad, but when we went to the new house, Steve and I helped set things up, and my sister had the portable DVD on most of the time, so the kids were glued to it.

I forgot to add, the day before I babysat O for my sister while she and her husband helped my parents move the first day. While he didn't care to read books with us during lunch and was really missing his mommy, O did have a good time playing outside for a few hours with Jared while Alexa was inside taking a rare nap.

I was thankful it was a nice day outside. March has been so crazy weather-wise, fluctuating between the 30s to the 60s within 24 hours. Jared wanted to dig up some worms, so we did that before the boys slid down the slide. They even gave the worm a trip down the slide, too.

It was sweet to see O riding around yard on the tricycle, using his feet on the ground to move the trike. It's hard to believe that was just Jared at the beginning of last summer. It seems like he's been using the pedals forever now.

O got a bit dirty playing in the sand and water, but the look of joy on his face was worth the mess. It was a wonderful afternoon to get closer to my nephew.

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Nicki said...

Glad you had a nice, warm day for moving and playing outside! I think I will really be sad when my parents leave the house I grew up in. I still dream about my grandparents' house, which I spent a lot of my childhood in before they moved! You're right, though... its really the people that make the place home!