Thursday, March 11, 2010

Chicago Symphony Orchestra - Mozart Experience

These next few posts won't have any pictures since I forgot to bring my camera, something very unlike me. I've been so concerned with just getting us out the door and somewhat on time.

A few weeks ago, we met up with a homeschool group (about 40 of us) at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra for The Mozart Experience. Steve was able to go with us (thank God!) which allied my fears of crossing Michigan Ave by myself with the kids. We had checked out the parking garage situation the week before when we'd been to the Art Institute because I didn't want to be driving around the day of the symphony wondering where we were going to park. I'd chosen a garage around the corner, but, not thinking, it turned out to be $30 for the 2 hours we'd be there. $30! It was a hotel garage, but still. Thank God the Millennium lot was just $14 since the Auto Show was still going on.

We had seats in the upper balcony. It really was the perfect venue for the kids. The auditorium was gorgeous, with chandeliers and an ornate ceiling. I wished I had smuggled a drink in because they both started to complain of thirst just ten minutes into the program. Thankfully I had grapes in my purse which did the trick.

The Mozart Experience is a Kraft Foods Family Matinee performance (although this particular date and time was reserved for school groups). It's the story of a street musician (portrayed by an actor from the Magic Circle Mime Company) who finds herself thrust into the role of Mozart. The exciting part of the hour for my kids was when an actor came out dressed as Papageno from Mozart's Magic Flute Opera. We had just listened to the Classical Kids audio version of the story - something the kids LOVED and wanted played over and over again.

Tickets were only $8.50. A great price for the kid's first symphony experience.

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