Thursday, June 17, 2010

Aunt Anna & Tunnel Voyage - Missouri Trip Day #4

Sorry about the poor lighting quality in this picture, but I wanted to include a picture of the playroom, really the garage, at Steve's aunt's house, where the kids had many hours of fun when we were there. Aunt L had a large box of all these Batman and Spiderman figures left over from when her sons were little, and Jared was just ecstatic to play with them. He spent a lot of time lining up the figures in different areas of the room, and doing his "work."

Steve's father's aunt is 95 and lives in a nursing home about an hour away from the family. She isn't doing well at all, and will probably pass away soon. We thought that the last time we had come up would have been the last time seeing her, but she's still hanging on. So, we took the car ride out to see her with Steve's parents.

We were greeted by the two dogs that live there. For nursing homes, it's pretty nice. It really is just a huge ranch-style mansion that someone bought, and is divided up into rooms with bathrooms for the residents. I'd guess they have about 10-15 residents there, so it's really small and home-like.

Most of the time, I played with the kids outside. They liked playing with the dogs, until one of the dogs nipped at Jared's hand. Then they switched over to riding a Hot Wheels car they found. When we went inside to talk with Great Aunt A, Jared found a box with toys, so I could actually sit down and talk for awhile.

Great Aunt A really seemed to appreciate our visit. It was strange kissing her goodbye knowing this would probably be the last time seeing her.

Later that evening, we met up with Steve's cousins and kids at a place called Tunnel Voyage. It had a section like a glorified McDonald's PlayPlace, full of tunnels, balls, and things to climb.

Another section, targeted to smaller kids, had a ball pit.....

 ...and a drum section. Of course, Jared had to check them out right away.

I think the most exciting part of the building for the kids, though, was the tiny amusement park-like rides. We let them go on the small pirate ship that rocked back and forth. They were soooo excited.

We ate really bad food there which was horribly overpriced, but the kids really did have a good time.

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