Friday, June 25, 2010

First Time Garage Salers

I'd been wanting to take the kids to a garage sale for a while now. I have vivid memories of going to garage sales when I was younger, and wonderful memories of helping my mom set up our own garage sales. I'll never forget how grown-up I felt when that first customer paid for several items, how I added up the cost on the calculator, made change, and bagged up the items. It was like playing store, but ten times as fun!

I had thought that when the kids were a little older, and we started budgeting money to give them each week for the things they'd like to buy for themselves, that I'd introduce them to garage sales then. I pictured them taking the money they'd saved and having fun spending the money. It wasn't quite like I'd imagined it be (you'd think by now with twins I'd realize things are almost never as I imagine they'll be), but I definitely think they are true garage salers at heart.

After waiting around for most the morning to see if we'd meet up with Steve's cousins to do anything, I decided to take the kids out and just do something. After a quick library visit, I thought, why not visit a garage sale? I have been wanting to go to a lot of them this summer, to find fun things to do at home with the kids during the fall and winter months, and it always seems hard to find time for that. I gave each of the kids a little baggie with five dollars in change, and we headed off for their first garage sale.

They seemed a bit unsure of what to do first when we arrived, and just sort of stared at everything piled up on tables and the floor of the garage. But then I spotted a table with mostly toys, and they became excited to dig through the bins. While sorting through a tub with Master of the Universe figures, Alexa wanted to know the price of something. She was shy to ask on her own, so I went with he. $2. When we walked back over to Jared, who was rifling through the toys, he wanted to know how much his figure cost, too. He just jumped up by himself, ran over to the owner of the house, and asked. Isn't it funny how siblings can be so different that way? Even though they're twins, Jared and Alexa truly have their own unique personality and disposition.

So, Jared bought two $2 figures, and Alexa bought one for $3. We headed across the street where there was another garage sale. We found a box of children's books, and Alexa bought 5 books for $1, and I bought five books for $1. I also found a great copy of  Cranium Cadoo  for $3 to tuck away for a few years when the kids get a little older. When we left, they both asked if we could go to yet another garage sale.

They were able to get practice with paying for things, counting out money, and thinking about how many items a certain amount of money will get you, but my next goal is to start giving them their own money each week and showing them how important it is to save for larger purchases.

Have you had any interesting experiences with taking your kids to garage sales? Have they helped set up any of their own?

That evening we went to Steve's parents house to have yet another BBQ and say goodbye to Steve's cousins who were headed back home the next day. I was so caught up in the evening that I don't have any pictures, but after they left, Steve's younger sister and her friend set up a game of Bags.

I'd never played before, and Shara's friend blew everyone away with how good he was, but us adults really had a good time. I feel like I hardly ever play games with other adults where the kids aren't included, so it was nice for a change. The kids did like throwing in the bean bags for a while before the game, but didn't seem that interested to play once we told them we were going to play a game by the rules.

We didn't stay that long as we had a lot to do the next day to get ready for our next trip and Father's Day, so we headed home around 8:30. Besides knowing we would come in the evening for a BBQ, the rest of the day unfolded on its own unplanned. I don't know about you, but I really need at least a few days out of the week like that. To wake up and not have anything planned for the day, and yet knowing you'll still have a full and rich day. Wonderful.

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Nicki said...

I definitely want to take the kids garage saling this summer. I took Pufferfish to one once, because we were early to pick up Rafael from school and there was a garage sale right across the street. She loved the fact that she could get just about anything she wanted there!