Thursday, June 17, 2010

A New Church, A BBQ, and a Slip 'N Slide - Missouri Tip Day #2 &3

We went to Steve's aunt's church Sunday morning. It's a huge church with thousands attending. We dropped the kids off at their Sunday School class in the morning. The twins were together and they were with their cousin, so we felt ok about letting them be there for an hour. The adults there did seem pretty hyper about things, getting on kids to not run around the play set, and one man asked Alexa if she washed between her fingers after she had finished going to the bathroom! (I was standing next to Alexa the entire time she was washing her hands and he was standing next to us), but they weren't crying and seemed to want to stay, so we left.

When we picked them up, we arrived to find Alexa crying. They had separated her from Jared and her cousin. Of all the idiotic things to do. I tell you, some people feel they must follow rules even though it means hurting other people. It just made me feel so incredibly glad the kids do not have to attend a preschool program, or will ever have to be in a school environment where their every action is controlled.

Ok.  Moving on. At least the rest of the day was filled with fun and relaxation. We went to the cousin's house, which is right on a lake. It's set on about an acre and a half, so there was a lot of room to run around and play. We set up the slip 'n slide, which the adults had more fun with than the kids.

We went over on Memorial Day, too, and pretty much did more of the same. We had a smoked chicken on Sunday and a BBQ on Monday. I don't have pictures of it, but we had fun with the kids playing badminton, and Jared really liked playing in their indoor play castle. I really don't have many pictures from Memorial Day because I just got caught up in talking and relaxing.

When I managed to remember to take a few pictures, I caught these two moments: Grandad blowing bubbles with the kids, and the girls playing in the sprinkler.

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