Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Last Day of Junior Farmers Program at the Center

Well, for our final day as Junior Farmers (May 25th) we finally received the treat we had been looking forward to for seven weeks - the pony ride! The ride had been promised from the second week, but due to weather and crowded farm days, the event had to be postponed until the last day.

Alexa and Jared both LOVED their ride on Cricket. They were the last of the ten children to ride, and I was proud at how patient they were.

Then, as if the pony ride wasn't enough, we found out we were also going to go on a tractor ride! And the kids were able to grab either a chick or duck to ride with them.

I know. Alexa's duck looks like it's being squeezed half to death. The ride was short, but that was fine by me because it was a super hot day. Plus, mid-way through the ride, Alexa's duck almost pooped all over her.

On the way back through the barn, we stopped by the goat pen. One of the mama goats, who had been pregnant the entire time we've been coming to the farm, had her twins one week ago.

On our way leaving the bathroom, one of the little boys in the group asked if we'd like to go fishing with him, his brother, and mom. It was so sweet. The kids would have really enjoyed it, but we were supposed to meet my mom for lunch. They consoled themselves with holding his pet turtle for a few minutes before we left. Now they want a pet turtle, too. We'll have to talk about that one.

I am so glad we did this program. It was about $80 per child for seven weeks, at an hour each time, so not cheap, but definitely worthwhile. There are summer, fall and winter sessions, too. Maybe we'll do this again.


Nicki said...

This place sounds like PARADISE to me! I adore animals. So do the kids. I wish we coulda done the Junior Farmers thing BUT the playgroup we're in might do a tour there, so that would be cool, right?

denise said...

How fun! So much to do, so many animals to hold. :)

Shona Leah said...

oh! ponies and turtles and ducklings, sounds like they had a great time :o)

Chris said...

Nicki - I saw quite a few little kid tour groups during our seven weeks there. It really is a fun place for the kids.

Denise - There was a lot to do, that's for sure!

Shona Leah - We'd like to do it again in the fall, too.