Friday, June 18, 2010

June 10-13 Part 2

Jared likes to be known by his alter ego - Bruce Wayne. For quite a bit of the day, we usually need to call him Bruce Wayne, or if he puts his cape on, Batman. This has been going on for probably a good six months now. Jared also loves birthday parties. Really, he just loves the birthday present aspect of it. So, lately he has been putting his two loves together and having birthday parties for Bruce Wayne.

In the picture above, he's filled his box with toys, and then we are invited to Bruce Wayne's birthday party where we have to sit around and watch him open his presents. Sorta fun, but not really after the third time that day.

Yet another art project. This time we used yarn to dip into paint and made a paint art picture. I must admit, I really got into this project!

A lot of dressing up as happened this past week, too.

We took a walk on the night of the 11th to Culver's for some ice cream. Both kids rode their bikes. Jared is so fast now that Steve had to run alongside to keep up. Steve's dad and I stayed by Alexa who rides much more slowly for now.

Alexa invented her own art project -sand painting.  It had been a fun filled week, but the whole day on Friday the 11th, I worked my butt off getting ready for Steve's cousins from Missouri to come stay with us for a few days. The kids are so very excited for their cousins to stay overnight for a few days, and Steve and I are really excited, too.


Soultravelers3 said...

Cute pictures! I enjoyed reading about your latest!

Rana said...

You all have been having a lot of fun. Enjoy your company!