Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 6-8

The kids have been on a drawing kick lately. It's been several weeks now where they will spend at least some time during the day with the sketch pad and a pen or pencil. One day, they decided to make huge drawings with the sidewalk chalk. Then the drawings turned into roads to drive their cars over.

There's also been much singing, mostly to the Wee Sing Dinosaurs CD.

Alexa loves to paint with watercolors. One day the kids had hours of fun just mixing different colors into the water and watching them swirl together.

We've made brownies together from a mix....

...and there's been lots of reading on the couch.

It's amazing how much fun painting with water on the back sliding glass door can be.

 Jared's been back to creating things with the couch coushions, sheets and blankets again. This time it was a pirate ship.

Jared likes nothing more than to line up all his Spiderman and Batman books on the couch and count them.

We've definitely been easing back into life after vacation in a lovely, slow way.

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