Friday, July 31, 2009

Experimenting with Color

When I attended high school, I graduated with only having one semester of Earth Science. No biology, no chemistry, no physics. At the time, I was perfectly happy with that. I didn't have a big interest in science because at school it was never presented in any fun, exciting way. I do have great memories of working with my mom on several science fair projects which I loved, and the small private school I attended had a week-long, overnight stay at a camp where we would learn something in depth such as dissecting pigs, building rockets or visiting a dairy farm, but besides that science didn't really enter my life in a noticeable way.

I am excited to be able to introduce to my kids many of the things I never was able to do. As unschoolers it's fun to pick and choose whatever interests us and not be tied down to a curriculum. I never want to force them to do any experiments, but so far when I take something out to work on (which hasn't been that much at all yet) they are excited to do it along with me. I actually have fun taking out science experiment books and working on them, so I envision working on two or three a day for my own fun and if the kids see me doing it and want to join in, great! If they aren't interested they can do something else, and I'll still be able to enjoy learning everything I am excited to learn!

This is a great kit to use with younger children. We mixed colors and learned about which colors mix together to form new colors, that hot water makes the water molecules swirl faster than cold water, made crystals and watched them grow and experimented with making different shades of colors.

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