Friday, July 31, 2009

Father's Day

I know this a pretty unusual way to start a post on Father's Day, but this is how the day began. Steve played this morning, so it was just the kids and I getting ready for church. I went to throw out some trash and saw a massive amount of ants climbing up the wall and into a little hole. At least now we know how they've been getting in the kitchen.

Jared has a big fascination with ants. When I can slow down a bit, I want to order and ant farm for them. Whenever Jared sees and ant in the house, he'll stop to pick it up and put it outside to it can "join its family." Last summer, he loved picking up ants outside, however, he had a tendency to roll them in his fingers so they wouldn't stay alive that long. This year he's become much more gentle when picking them up. This year he'll be riding his tricycle, pretty fast too, and then suddenly stop when he notices an ant crossing in front of him. He'll get off his tricycle, pick it up, and for some reason, likes to put them on the nearest tree.

In the afternoon we went to Steve's parents house and had a barbecue. My dad and brother were there, too. The kids had a great time in the back yard playing catch. Then Steve took out an old scooter and gave them rides around the block.

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