Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summer Music Fun

Ok, so in real time it's July 31st and I'm about a month behind in my posts. I have a lot to catch up on and share! The kids are at Grandma's house for the next five hours (something that hasn't happened in months) and my goal is to spend the time playing catch up on this blog. I'll be resorting to a lot of pictures and short text, although I know I'll probably get a little long-winded at times.

The above picture is at one of my sister's friend's house. Alexa LOVED this keyboard with a real mic attached. She is really into singing and will do so most every day. Jared doesn't seem to care that much. He's toned down a bit on his drum playing, too, which makes me a little sad. I know as they grow up they will have interests that come and go, but it seemed so much a part of him for so long that it's wierd when he will go a week without banging on something with his drum sticks.

Libray programs are really one of the greatest things for unschoolers. I've been learning more and more that it's not just about checking out all the free books, DVDs and even puzzles and games, but it's all the fun free programs as well. My mom went with us on June 12th to the Oak Park Library for a free music class. A teacher from one of the Wonder Works music class gave a free demo class for the kids. Now, I personally wouldn't pay that much money for my kids to attend a Music Together class when they can do the same thing at home and not be told when to play and what instrument to play, but for a free thing to do and a chance to be around other kids, it was great.

Jared definitely still loved the drums the best, and you really couldn't get him to stop playing them when it was bell time or they were supposed to be playing another instrument.

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