Friday, July 31, 2009

Park Day with Friends

We met some old friends during the first week of July at a nearby playground. They are now a military family and live in a new state, so it was nice to see them after two years. Their one son is about two and a half months older than the twins, so it was cute to see them playing together.

I love the above picture of Jared and L. We've put Jared in trees a few times before, but lately he seems more interested in climbing trees. E's son L was so good at climbing trees. Of course his older brother's, who are 8 & 9, are like little monkeys. They can climb trees so high and fast! It was nice being with a mother who understands to importance of allowing kids to take physical risks. It's amazing at how restricted we are in today's society. E was telling me that people would ring her doorbell at home to tell her that her boys were up in the trees on her own property!

Another rule I don't get is why playgrounds post rules about kids not climbing up slides. Why is there a "correct" way to use the equipment? Now there have to be "correct" ways to play?

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