Friday, July 31, 2009

Naper Days

It was a hot day on June 20thwhen we went to the Naper Days Fest. The only place we could find to eat was a table under the hot sun next to the children's stage. Still, while we ate our pulled pork sandwiches and brats, we enjoyed watching a karate demonstration by a local school. They had just come back from a tour in Japan. This has been the second karate demonstration we've seen this summer, and in the following weeks, Jared has picked up sticks and enjoyed doing his own demonstrations for us.

Of course they enjoyed the petting zoo. This one was a little different because they had newborn piglets there. Adorable!

They had an area where someone made balloon animals for the kids.

I think they liked the kiddie paddle boats the most. We were really surprised at how fast Jared picked up on using both hands to work the paddles. In less then a minute he had figured out how to make the boat go both forwards and backwards. Alexa wasn't too bad at it either.

We all went on the little train that took riders around the entire festival area.

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