Friday, July 31, 2009

Worship Team Practice

My husband is an awesome guitar player. He has an acoustic and electric guitar, and has been playing for twenty-two years. He's played in a few small bands, but now that we have kids, he only plays about twice a week during church services. Sometimes I feel bad as I know this was a big part of his life before we had kids, but he assures me that time spent with us and the kids are his number one priority right now. The kids will only be little for so long. So, when we can, we like to go with him to practice during the week he has to play.

Jared especially likes being able to watch the drummer and gets so excited when he can bang away a bit on a real drum set. They love hearing the music, too. But I think their favorite thing is to run up and down the rows of the balcony. I love it because it tires them out, and they want to go to be earlier on those nights.

Sometimes we go downstairs in the room for the teenagers. The kids enjoy playing with the fuse ball game, looking at the movie screen and climbing all over the couch.

We also sometimes go to their Sunday School room and play with the pretend kitchen and food.

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