Monday, November 1, 2010

Cute October Pics

Lots of our usual pretend play going strong in October. Here's Jared wearing his pirate hat and holding his new bow and arrow set.

One day when they were in one of their dress up moods, the kids came up with these identities: Shoe/Hat Man and Pull-Up Lady.  I guess those old pull-ups lying around are still good for something!

Jared just looked so cute in his handyman set that I had to include it here.

I rarely see them lying still together at the same time. I just love their little faces!

That long silver stretched-out thing used to be a vacuum hose attached to the dryer. We had to have our dryer repaired and had put the old hose out by the trash. After the kids had been playing outside for a while, I peeked outside the window to check on them and found that they had unraveled the entire thing and stretched it from the garage  to the house. They said it was their trap for the bad guys to trip them up if they came near the house.

I love when the kids find things around the house and arrange them in different ways to create something new. Alexa took straws, Jared's bows and some popsicle sticks and called me in the kitchen to show me the bird she had made. Then a little while later she used the same things to make a shark.

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