Monday, November 22, 2010

Homeschool Gym Days

I wrote before how Jared said he wanted to go to a gymnastics class so he could play on the balance beam, horse and other gymnastics equipment. Well, I had seen a listing in the YMCA for Homeschool Gymnastics for kids ages 3-5. It would be perfect, I thought. The class might be less structured and focus more on spending time on the equipment, and I might not have to be surrounded by other mothers discussing different preschool options. I could either read a book or talk with another non-school mom about stuff I'm more interested in.

Turns out the class is a bit different than it was listed in the catalogue. It is only made up of kids who don't plan on attending school, but it's more of a fitness time, with a little bit o duck-duck-goose sprinkled in for fun. That's all good and fine, but Jared really wanted to do gymnastics things. My friend from a relaxed homeschool mom's book club I attend is there, so it's fun talking with her, but still, I feel bad for Jared who was so disappointed. They both like playing with the other kids, but I'll see how they feel attending after the holidays are over. Thank goodness the session is only six weeks long.

Have you ever had an experience with a class, homeschooling or otherwise, that was much different then you had anticipated?

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