Monday, November 15, 2010


Since Halloween has been over for almost a month by the time I get this posted (AUGGHH!), I'll just give you the highlights. As you can see, we had a little Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and also a Tinker Bell.

Is it just me but does Alexa look like Princess Leah dressed up as Tinker Bell?  It was pretty cold that evening, so even with two layers on under their costumes, the kids wore scarves, hats and gloves by the end of the evening.

It's hard to believe but the day before Halloween Alexa had thrown up about 15 times in 24 hours. Yet she still went about two and a half hours strong on Halloween. I had the exact same thing two days before. It was nasty, but at least it was just a 24 hour thing. She would have been crushed if she wouldn't have been able to wear her costume and get candy.

We went for 45 minutes near our house, and then for another two hours with Steve's parents. My mom and dad came afterwards, and we all had pizza together.

Of course, the most fun was sorting out the loot (especially for Daddy). The kids have so much candy that I know we'll be eating it until Christmas.


Penny said...

Hi Chris :)

Thanks for visiting my blog - I had fun visiting yours! Your kids are adorable - and I hope you know that you are doing a great job - even on the tough days! There will *always* be tough days - and it is *always* possible to somehow find a shiny spot - it just takes decades of practice!

Isn't Stephanie the *best*?

mel said...

Thanks for stopping by our's lovely to *meet* you!

Chris said...

Penny and Mel, thanks for stopping by my blog.

Penny, you're right about Stephanie. I've loved her blog for awhile now. She's very encouraging.