Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day Out with Grammy and Pappa

Last Friday my mom took the kids for about five hours so I could have some alone time. I've had a bad sinus cold lately, the house has been descending into chaos and I was feeling very stressed. So, when my mom offered to pick the kids up at 9:30, play with them, feed them lunch, and then drop them off again at 3:30 before Alexa's make-up ballet class, I about cried with relief. 

I don't spend that much time away from the kids, usually just a few hours during the week mainly for doctor's appointments and running errands, so it felt good to get hours of absolute quiet and an hour's nap on the couch. Still, I sent my camera with my mom so I could get some glimpses of what they did during the day so I wouldn't miss out that much. So, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves to show what fun they had with my parents.


mel said...

ah, lovely!

i've rarely had that time apart either, but oh, how very refreshing it can be.

looks like they had a super day...(hope you did too)


Chris said...

Mel, it was very, very lovely.