Wednesday, November 10, 2010

2nd Annual Halloween Walk

We had our second annual Halloween Walk last week. I just looked at my blog post from last year and couldn't believe how small the kids look! It makes me sad to think I'll be saying how little they looked this year next year.

We took the same route as last year, so we saw a lot of the same things. It was fun to remember the previous year and to visit some favorite houses.

I guess we've come up with a new family tradition. Gosh, to think we might take a Halloween Walk together when they're 18! We'll probably do one other walk with Steve tomorrow in a different part of the village.

There were quite a few house decorated that were slightly disturbing such as this one....

...but then you wouldn't catch me anywhere near a horror movie or haunted house today. For some reason this stuff doesn't scare either of my kids. What unique Halloween traditions does your family have?

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